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My name is Linda Ayoade and I am the creative director and founder of LOI Graphics Inc and The Posh Savant. I'm passionate about helping my clients' visions come to life through creative marketing services and life/business coaching.

Sometimes in the pursuit of becoming a successful business owner, family/personal life can suffer. I believe in the importance of making sure my clients have success in both business and their personal life through providing a combination of business and life consulting/coaching services.


Dr. Ben Schmidt 

“I've been working with Linda to grow my brand and my business and the experience has be incredible. . .”

Stephanie Matthews

“Linda has the uncanny ability to see the possibilities of what your brand can be, and that's a gift. . .”

Watch Linda Speak!

Best Value

Dream BIG Mavericks Membership Program



Every month

Unleash your limitless potential with a monthly 1-hour coaching session with Linda Ayoade

Valid for 12 months

Life & Business Consultation

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"I 1000% recommend LOI Graphics to anyone interested in top-notch guidance on brand strategy and marketing. As a brand new business owner, I’m so glad I met Linda before launching my business. Being able to talk through my business ideas and get sound advice early on in the process has made things so much smoother (and cheaper) for me and my business. Linda knows her stuff!! She went above and beyond to help me define my brand and created the perfect logo and brand kit that truly encompasses my vision and allows for brand expansion in the future. I’m delighted to continue partnering with Linda as I build my business :) Bonus tip - LOI Graphics hosts the best and most valuable master classes!!! I attended the brand strategy and marketing class and it literally changed my life!!! So grateful for Linda and her amazing team!!!"

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